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My new Ambient EP is out !

2010-12-18 07:03:17 by landscapers1

So yeah, I pretty dislike the idea of coming in and off of Newgrounds to post anything. But this time it's a kind of complement of my previous post because yesterday was the release date of my Ambient EP !

Click to buy 'LEVITATE' EP by Landscapers

Like promise you'll find 5 ambient tracks that were made a long time ago, made for relaxing or taking a break.. I can remember the day when I recorded myself on the guitar in Daybreak track, I was so stressed and excited both ! I had great time while making this album so hope you like it !
I fixed the price to 5EU for the album, you'll can find it also on iTunes :)
Peace !

Landscapers on Youtube

My new Ambient EP is out !


2010-10-09 08:42:24 by landscapers1

Hey Newgrounds!

This video is a promotion to my new Ambient EP called 'Levitate' that I've finished up in April 2010. There are four tracks which sound like a big one. This one is the second track. There is also a fifth track which is a sort of conclusion of the album and which lasts more or less 10 minutes.
I plan to make the album salable on the internet for winter I think. The price would be around 5EU

If there are some guys who want the limited edition box, hurry up! please contact me now! it's 7EU in that case.

Any questions about the album? send me a message and I'll try to answer you quickly.

Enjoy listening! :)


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2010-04-24 12:37:33 by landscapers1

final entry, neurofunk entry!

Smashin' [landscapers remix]

Original song by SineRider:

SR - Smashin'



Pyramid head

2010-03-28 22:22:10 by landscapers1

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2010-02-27 22:00:32 by landscapers1

My full song Vanish Into Thin Air is on myspace!


myspace page

2010-02-19 10:41:15 by landscapers1

Since I can't access to Rithum (probably down with FFR), I try to update my myspace page -.-

Hit me up! :)

something new

2010-02-13 08:58:17 by landscapers1 /311278

something new

Classical stuff OMFG..;;.

2010-01-31 18:27:07 by landscapers1

If you dig my new demo track /308197


2010-01-30 10:43:07 by landscapers1

I'm on Rithum. Nothing more to say...

Hit me up!

Flash my eyes!

2010-01-17 13:54:06 by landscapers1

I've just noticed that somebody has created a flash movie based on my dnb tune 'Hypnose'.

First of all I would thank him for using my song. It's my first 'heard in 1 entry' and I hope it increases my popularity as artist.

Besides, although his movie doesn't make me stay in a normal state, it was pretty good synced with my audio and then it was enjoyable.


Hope the link works well ;)