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the beat at the beginning reminds me of phace's drum style. I'd see a bit more of overdrived & equalized elements and it would be more evil! Other than that it's a solid track. Good job man, sounds like you're getting better! :)

feel free to hit me up for tips, i generally do music when i'm on my spare time. I may help you raising the bar to the neuroshpere standard... depends on you! :p

v150r responds:

thanks man, sry for late response, I'm kinda' busy lately, but now I submitted our latest track.
I speak with the guys, then we'll see, but thanks the opportunity bro ;)


I am behind you this time...

But I'll come back.

Steven-Polley responds:

There is cowbell in the song.

i give a 8

That was a bit generic...

But it has great beats! :)

OutPhase is TaQ + TAKA

DJHarlock responds:

Ah yes.. DJ Taka.. how could I forget.. x.x I normally just chuck most of it up to being TaQ because of Sync


Deep house. Sounds pro :O
Keep it up

shesmackshard responds:

thanks dude :D

short'n coool

Steak Johnson is a guy who makes awesome neurobass.

SteakJohnson responds:

as does landscapers, and thanks!


Haaaaaaaaaaaaah, the Drum and Piano contest! I've completely forgotten it :S

I see this song a bit slower, otherwise this is go

mjattie responds:

thanks a lot.


Nice build up. I like how your bass sounds!

In some passage I feel that the kick is off

I have respect to guys who make their own synth. It's the best way to go if you hate presets :P

Anyway, great song. Keep it up man

mjattie responds:

you know, most of the presets in reason are way too alien-ish. It's not too hard to make by yourself...

thanks for the 9/10


I'm looking forward! I love it :D
I want more!

ps: check out my last song if you find the time ;)

Shimose responds:

Thanks man! :D Be workin' diligently.

I'll definitely check your track out. ;)


i dig ur snare lololololololl

looking forward

I'm amazed by the bass sound you produced in this preview. I want to hear more from you and I'm looking forward to this WIP, really.
This is catchy and I mean that!
Otherwise all the other instruments were so great. This is good though it is shooort!
I've also put a preview of a song that I'm working on; I think previews or WIP are a kind of announcement of what people are waiting for, isn't it?
Artist faved.

mr-jazzman responds:

Aye my friend, this is just a glimpse of what is to come! I really like this new sound I've got, the only problem is that I've had horrible writers' block lately, so everything I make sounds good and ends in a heap of boredom and last cause. I hate it so much! But, hey man, I'll keep ya in the loop! Thanks for the review man, much appreciated, and I'll make sure to check your WIP out too. =)

*Update: I've been listening to a lotta new, professional-grade dubstep lately. I can already see that this preview needs faster drums and more background FX lol. THEN we might have something =)

if you think there's nothing more to the audio portal than good music, you need to get out of newgrounds once in a while.

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